Latest BENNINGTON S630M Multipoint Central Water Heater, more power and water saving with enhanced operating features.

2020 promotion for BENNINGTON Alkaline Water System. Only available in Singapore.

Hurry, for limited period only! Enjoy $400.00 discount on BENNINGTON AWS-800 for purchases of any BENNINGTON Multipoint Central Water Heater. 

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Water Heater

Convenience, Energy Saving

Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters (IEWH), also known as tankless or demand-type water heaters, are compact, energy and water saving.


Alkaline Water System

Drink Well, Live Well

We deliver natural alkaline spring water rich in minerals to your home for the good health of your family at a cost of only a can of soft drink a day.


Multipoint for Singapore

Bye-bye storage heater

BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH is now the preferred central water heater for new BTO flats and replacement of traditional storage water heaters.


Welcome to BENNINGTON. We are a leading manufacturer of Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters and Antioxidant Alkaline Water Systems in Singapore.  Our core beliefs in Safety, Comfort and Reliability lead us to build functional water heaters and systems with inspirational designs and utmost reliability. At BENNINGTON, quality is never compromised. We strive to provide the best water heaters and water systems to consumers worldwide at competitive prices, thus enabling them to enjoy their well deserved lifestyle.

All BENNINGTON water heaters comply with the latest standards set by International IEC Standard, Singapore’s PSB, Germany TÜV, China CCC, Europe’s CE and many others. Our Antioxidant Alkaline Water Systems are also certified by Singapore  TÜV SÜD PSB and Malaysia SIRIM.