FAQ on BENNINGTON Instant Electric Multipoint Water Heater (Models: C600 & Z620M)


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About BENNINGTON Instant Electric Multipoint Water Heater (IEMWH)

Q1:      What is BENNINGTON IEMWH?

A1: BENNINGTON IEMWH functions like conventional Instant Electric Water Heater. But unlike conventional Instant Electric Water Heater which serves only one point and needs to be installed at the point of use, IEMWH can be installed away from the point of use and capable of connecting to numerous outlets. It is an ideal domestic central water heater that works well with modern houses which come with concealed cold and hot water piping and mixer taps.


Multipoint Installation Diagram

Q2:      May I know more about the company Bennington Technologies Pte Ltd that manufactures the BENNINGTON Multipoint models?

A2: Bennington Technologies Pte Ltd (herein known as “BT”) was established in 2002 in Singapore and specialized in the manufacturing of Instant Electric Water Heaters, especially IEMWH models which it has been exporting worldwide since 2003. Our heaters are sold in more then 10 major countries worldwide. All heaters are manufactured in Singapore using German Technologies and our heaters comply with leading international safety standards such as TÜV, IEC, PSB, CE, CCC and others.   As we are a local-based manufacturer, after-sales service support are provided directly by us.


Q3:      What are the advantages of BENNINGTON IEMWH compared to other heaters like storage or gas heaters?

A3: Advantages compared to storage heater

1)   IEMWH saves up to 30% in electricity as you consume electricity only when you use it. There is no wastage in heating unused water, unlike storage heater;

2)   Instant hot water with no preheating required;

3)   You will never run out of hot water, which is a common problem with small capacity storage heater;

4)   Compact and elegant as compared to storage heater, which are bulky and obstructive in confined bathroom installation;

5)   Low maintenance cost as parts can be replaced easily.

Advantages compared to gas heater

1)   Unlike gas heater which require good ventilation, IEMWH can be installed near the point of use in the bathroom. Installation is easy, neat and low cost as IEMWH can be installed in the bathroom and not in the utility yard like gas heater;

2)   BENNINGTON IEMWH is compact and elegant in appearance;

3)   Heating efficiency of Gas Heater is greatly reduced at high floors due to strong wind. Typical heating efficiency of Gas Heater is between 60% to 83% while instant electric water heater is above 95%;

4)   The “Feel Good” effect which comes with ease and convenience of using IEMWH compared to gas heater.


Q4:      Can BENNINGTON IEMWH serves 2 outlets simultaneously?

 A4: Yes and the water temperature will still be good for showering, but you must expect water pressure and flow rate to be reduced when more than one outlet is turned on.


Q5:      If I leave the heater switch on for the whole day, does it consume power?

 A5: You can leave the heater power on and as long as it is not being used, it will not consume electricity, unlike storage heater.


Properties suitable for BENNINGTON IEMWH

Q6:      What kinds of property are suitable for IEMWH installation?

 A6: If your house comes with concealed cold and hot water piping and mixer taps, you are likely able to install BENNINGTON IEMWH provided the isolation switch and MCB for the heater power point at the main is min 20A.

In short, all new HDB flats with piping layout like the Picture 1, 2 and 3 below can install IEMWH.


Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3

Most private properties with existing storage heaters can also be replaced with IEMWH with existing piping unchanged. See Picture 4 and 5 on the right.


Picture 4 – Conceal Installation


Picture 5 – Expose Installation


Q7:      Do I need a qualified installer for the installation?

A7: In accordance to PUB requirements, all heater installations must be done by qualified plumber and electrician. Do contact us if you need installation service.

However, for new properties, many buyers would want to engage their own contractors for the installation.  Please remind them to follow the instructions on the installation manual.  Many contractors make a common mistake assuming that the IEMWH (rated at 4.5kW) is the same as conventional instant electric water heater (rated at 3kW) and thus used undersized cable, which resulted in over-heating of the cable in very short period of time.  Please remind your own contractor of the following points during installation:

  • For new houses, flush all the piping in the house to get rid of sands and debris in the piping;
  • Minimum cable size of 110/0076” or 2.5mm² copper cables are required.
  • All cables need to be securely tightened at the terminal block and switch connectors.
  • A stop valve must be fitted at the inlet for maintenance purpose.

Please refer to our “Bennington Multipoint HDB Installation Guide” on our website for more information on installation of BENNINGTON Multipoint installation.