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Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters (IEWH)

Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters (IEWH), also known as tank-less or demand-type water heaters, never run out of hot water. They do not produce standby energy losses associated with storage water heaters or messy and bulky installation associated with gas heaters, which can save you money and blend perfectly with modern bathroom designs. Here you will find basic information about how they work, and the range of Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters available in Bennington. 

IEWH is divided into two different categories: 1) Single Point IEWH which is also known as Open Outlet IEWH 2) Multi-point IEWH which is also known as Close Outlet IEWH. We are the market leader in the 2nd category of Multi-point IEWH and our Multipoint models are known for its energy saving, convenience and beauty. Our Multipoint is now the preferred choice over storage and gas water heaters.

Our Design Concept — while most water heater manufacturers’ emphases on external cosmetic design with little emphasis on operating system, BENNINGTON does it differently. While keeping up with the latest trend in industrial design, we do not deviate from our mission of providing safe and reliable eco friendly shower heater.  We also know that no one operating system can suit all countries in different regions, therefore in BENNINGTON, our design concept is beside providing customers with choices of external designs, we have also engineered different operating systems to better adapt to different environments.

BENNINGTON’s IEWH have improved over the years from traditional copper tank assemblies to our latest patented environmental friendly industrial engineering grade glass filled polymer tank assembly (known as Multi-function Modular Tank Assembly, or MMTA in short). Our range of Multipoint water heaters are already into the third generation.


Alkaline Water System

The benefits of high quality Alkaline Water brought to you at affordable prices by BENNINGTON. In 2013, we started manufacturing under licence from a renowned United State of America manufacturer of Antioxidant Alkaline Water System. Our alkaline water system, known as AWS-800, is unlike conventional ionisers which simply separate the polarities of the water by electrode plates to produce alkaline water (at the same time acidic water by-product). AWS-800 produces all natural alkaline water resemblance of mountain spring water with rich essential minerals without any acidic water by-product and electricity. By manufacturing and direct selling, our AWS-800 is only a fraction of the cost of other ionisers which are usually sold under Multi-level Marketing (MLM) system. 

Our AWS-800 produces healthy ANTIOXIDANT drinking water that HYDRATE, ENERGIZE and DETOXIFY. Regular consumption of natural alkaline water has the benefits of preventing and healing of many major illnesses such as Gout, Eczema, Obesity, Gastritis, High Cholesterol, Dehydration, Osteoporosis, Migraines, High Blood pressure, Common Colds, Kidney Diseases, Tumor and Cancer, Chronic Fatigue, Uric Acid, Allergies and last but not least, Reverse Aging.

Here you will find how BENNINGTON AWS-800 water system enhances the health of your whole family at an operating cost of less then a can of soft drink a day.


Our Services

Our experience tells us that no single water heater is suitable for all regions in the world. Our Engineers and Water Heater Experts are able to advice on the appropriate selection of water heaters and customize heaters to suit individual country requirements.

We also provide OEM services to established corporations too.


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For detailed information on our Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters and Antioxidant Alkaline Water System, please contact us at the address provided below:

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