Different IEWH Operating Systems

Since our incorporation, Bennington’s engineers have tirelessly innovate and upgrade on our IEWH, so as to deliver the most energy efficient and safest IEWH for end users. As mentioned before, there is no single design of IEWH that will suit universal usage, therefore in Bennington, we have different operation systems to suit different climatic and clients’ requirements.Read more

Our tank assemblies have gone through few stages of upgrade from traditional bulky copper tank to slimmer copper tank design and to our latest patented modular tank assembly, called MMTA. The MMTA tank assembly is made of high grade glass filled industrial engineering polymer material which is tougher and provides better insulation against heat loss. 

In Bennington, our IEWH designs and material selections are done to the highest possible industrial standards without comprising on quality and safety, such as all bracing used is of silver-copper bracing which enable the tank assembly to withstand higher water pressure of up to 12bar and high quality Japanese heating elements which give us the confidence of providing 5 years warranty on them.

The standard safety features of BENNINGTON’s IEWH are:

  1. Anti-scalding protection
  2. Pressure Relief Device or Valve for excessive pressure builds up protection
  3. Certified electrical components from established suppliers
  4. IP25 water proofing design
  5. Silver-copper bracing for higher strength and durability
  6. Dome shape top cap to better withstand abnormal excessive pressure

IP25 Knob


IP25 Seal






Dome Cap


Anti-scalding Device

BENNINGTON’s IEWH is known for it reliability and safety because of its adoption of proven and in-house designed flow switches that activate only when there is water movement in the heater. Many IEWH fail because of poorly designed flow switches that fail to cease heating when there is no water movement, resulting in overheating and high pressure build up in the tank which eventually rupture the tank.  Read more

BENNINGTON Single Point models usually incorporate conventional “Direct Flow Switch” (DFS) as flow switches. The Multipoint models use the advance “Pressure Differential Flow Switch” (PDFS) which is an established German technology, but improved and modified to suit different local climates. 

BENNINGTON goes green with our latest patented modular tank assembly, known as the MMTA-100 tank assembly. It is made of high grade glass filled industrial engineering polymer material. With higher efficient 8mm ø dual Japanese heating elements and excellent insulation against heat loss, its heating efficiency exceeds 95%. It saves water and electricity and lower after-sales cost.

This tank is certified to withstand pressure up to 12 bar and it is available in Single Point and Multipoint models.

Beside the standard thermal cut-off for anti-scalding protection, this tank assembly is also fixed with a Pressure Relief Device (PRD) to provide protection in the event of excessive pressure builds up.

MMTA works well with the “Direct Flow Switch” (DFS) and “Pressure Differential Flow Switch” (PDFS).

The MMTA comes with the option of a built-in flow regulator which helps to regulate the incoming water flow rate depending on the incoming water pressure. It is also useful for regulating flow rate to adjust for seasonal changes.