Why BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH is No 1 in Singapore

In the past, the only choice for central water heating in apartments and houses was storage water heaters. The storage water heater can be found installed in concealed false ceiling or exposed at utility yard. Recent re-introduction of the central gas water heater provides another alternative. However, due to the restriction in installation and other setbacks of the gas water heater, it has never been the first choice for consumers unless it is pre-installed in new properties.

Bennington introduced its first multi-outlets model in 2003, C600, and over the years, it has gradually became the preferred choice in replacing the storage water heater and more recently, the No. 1 choice for new HDB BTO flats that come with conceal central hot water piping. BENNINGTON Multipoint offers the following advantages:

a) It supplies instant hot water to multiple outlets – no preheating is needed and it never runs out of hot water;

b) Saving of up to 30% in energy and water;

c) Low installation and removal cost – especially for replacement of the concealed storage water heater as cutting of false ceiling is usually not necessary;

d) Existing cold and hot water piping can be used;

e) Compact and stylish in design and ideal for site with space constraints, like new BTO flat bathrooms and concealed false ceiling;

f) It is made in Singapore with highest safety standards using proven German Technology since 2003.

Please refer to this website for comparison between BENNINGTON Multipoint and the storage water heater as well as gas water heater.

As we grow in the water heater market share in Singapore, you may come across in the internet some negative comments of multipoint water heaters (specifically “BENNINGTON”) from dealers or distributors of storage water heaters. Read the articles with a pinch of salt and after reading; check out the “Myths about Multipoint” where you will find the truth of Multipoint.

Many building projects with Singapore Green Mark Awards had chosen BENNINGTON Multipoint for their shower needs, such as Capital Tower, CapitaGreen, Abbott Singapore, Mead Johnson, Novartis Singapore and etc… This is a clear recognition of its energy and water efficiency as well as trust on BENNINGTON.