Myths about BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH



The breakthrough in technology that challenges traditional Central Water Heating Systems.

Since the launch of BENNINGTON C600 Multipoint IEWH in 2003, its popularity has grown exponentially over the years, especially with the massive launch of new BTO flats in the last 5 years. BENNINGTON Multipoint is now the preferred choice for many new BTO households and has successfully challenged the domination of storage and gas water heaters in Singapore.

Many myths about Bennington Multipoint circulated by the storage water heater competitors in the internet have caused confusions amongst end-users, and we hope the following information will help dispel the baseless myths:


1) Lower Running Cost

Although BENNINGTON Multipoint is rated at 4.5kW compared to 3kW for most storage water heaters, it still saves 30-40% more energy compare to storage water heaters. This is why:

For storage water heaters, you will need to preheat the water prior to usage. The preheating time depends on the capacity and power rating of the storage water heater, and it takes typically 10 minutes for small capacity (< 30L).  If you take a 10-minute shower, you will be preheating the water for 10 minutes coupled with another 10 minutes of showering, which add up to a total of 20 minutes. At 3kW, it translates to 1kWh of electricity consumed (3kW x 20/60 hr).  In addition, more energy is consumed as users tend to leave the switch on for longer periods than necessary.

However, for BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH, you will save at least 25% of energy compared to the storage water heater. How is it possible when the Multipoint IEWH power rating is higher than the storage water heater? Assume you set the Multipoint IEWH at maximum power (4.5kW) and shower for 10 mins, because no preheating is necessary, you will consume only 0.75kWh of electricity (4.5kW x 10/60 hr), versus 1kWh needed for the storage water heater.  Furthermore, if the hot water is not running continuously during the 10-minute shower or if you set the power setting to medium, more energy can be saved.

Using a high capacity storage water heater for a single shower will result in wasting of energy due to heating up unused hot water, which will subsequently cool down when the power is turned off. Comparatively, Multipoint IEWH consumes only energy when the hot water is running.


2) Convenience

Due to its compactness, BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH can be installed as close to the concealed piping connection points as possible. This will cut down the time taken for hot water to travel and reduces the amount of cold water wastage while waiting for the arrival of hot water from the central heating system. 

For Multipoint IEWH, there is no preheating required, and it never runs out of hot water.


3) Installation

Due to its compactness and light weight, installation of Multipoint IEWH is relatively simple. The important thing to ensure is that 2.5mm2 single core cables (easily available in all hardware & electrical shops) are used for installation, as any inferior or undersized cables will cause overheating.  As always, the quality of the installation relies on the installers’ workmanship, and as such, only reliable and qualified installers should be hired.


4) Water Pressure

Can the Multipoint IEWH support rain shower? The answer is yes. If 2 rain showers are used concurrently, common sense tells us that the water flow will be reduced. 

When a storage water heater is supporting 2 rain showers concurrently, a bigger capacity storage water heater is needed, otherwise hot water will run out very quickly.


5) Water Temperature

Water temperature from the storage water heater depends on the preheating time and capacity of the tank while for Multipoint IEWH, it depends on power setting and the flow rate of water through the heater. Ideal shower or hand wash temperature is achieved through mixing of cold and hot water at the mixer tap. General feedback from end-users is that temperature is acceptable for both types of water heaters.


6) Maintenance

Once installed correctly, both types of heaters are relatively maintenance free. However, the durability of the heaters depends greatly on the quality of the heaters. One major advantage of BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH is that faulty components can be easily replaced while for the storage water heater, any leakages will require the replacement of the whole storage water heater.


7) Quality

BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH is made in Singapore using advance German “Pressure Differential Flow Switch” technology since 2003. We thrive to provide the highest quality products and service standards to meet the high demand of the consumers.


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