Trouble-shootings of BENNINGTON Instant Multipoint Instant Electric Water Heater

Trouble-shootings of BENNINGTON Multipoint Instant Electric Water Heater

Q1:  I do not get hot water instantly when I shower. In some cases, I have to wait for more then 30 seconds for the hot water.  Why?

A1:  Like storage and gas heaters, the cold water in the piping between the heater and the point of use has to be completely discharged before you get the hot water. Depending on the piping distance, it varies from 15 to 45 seconds to obtain hot water for the initial use.

Only the heater switch outside the common bathroom controls the heater. The switch in master bed room is not connected to the heater.

Q2: Why is it that I don’t get hot water from one of the mixer tap in the bathroom?

A2: If 1 mixer tap has no hot water while others have, it is likely that the mixer tap is faulty, which is very common, especially in new HDB flats.

As there is only one outlet pipe coming from the heater, if any of the mixer tap has hot water, it shows that the heater is functioning. If within the same bathroom one mixer tap is functioning while the other is not, then chances are that the one which is not functioning is faulty since the hot water comes from the same piping.

Please refer to “BENNINGTON Multipoint HDB Installation Guide” Page 2 –Post Installation Check 2 for easy functional check on mixer tap.

Q3: Why is the water pressure coming from the hand shower weak and the water is not hot enough?

A3: This may be common in new HDB flats due to the type of hand showers supplied by HDB. These hand showers have great depth at the head and big nozzles, which effectively reduce the outflow of water pressure and temperature.

We would recommend replacing them with lesser head depth hand showers commonly available in hardware and departmental stores, and you will see a drastic improvement in the performance.

Many end-users have also tried our High Performance Eco Hand Shower, and are very happy with its performance. Some of them even lowered the heater power setting from “High Power” to “Mid Power” when using our Eco Hand Shower, thus saving them further in electricity cost. We strongly recommend that you give it a try.

Q4: Why does the overheat indicator (red LED light) lights up frequently and I get intermittent hot water?

A4: The activation of the auto reset thermostat when it detects temperature exceeding  60ºC causes the Overheat indicator to light up.

If it happens only at certain outlet point, then it is likely due to faulty mixer tap. Follow Q2 steps to identify faulty tap.

If all outlet points have this problem, it could be due to i) water flow is too low – increase the water flow rate at the main or at the heater inlet valve; ii) water is too hot—if the unit incoming water pressure is naturally low, lower the power setting of the heater to reduce water temperature; iii) wrong usage of hand shower— when filling a pail of hot water, the hand shower cannot be submerged in water, doing so will reduce the flow rate of the water and cause overheating. In some cases, it may trigger the activation of the second thermal cut-off device which will need to be reset manually by removing the water heater cover.   

Q5: Why do I see water dripping from the outlet Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)?

A5: If the water dripping is at the connection between the PRV and the piping, it is most likely to be the result of poor plumbing work by the installer. However, if the water is dripping from the PRV relief point, it means that the water pressure of your house is extremely high.

Please refer to “BENNINGTON Multipoint HDB Installation Guide” Page 2 –Post Installation Check 1 for more information on this matter.

Q6: After using for a couple of weeks, the heater has no power and I detect burning smell coming from the heater?

A6; If you do not see the heater power indicator lights up when using the heater, it means there is no power supply to the heater, even if the heater switch red light indicator is on. The likely causes are i) undersize or inferior cables are used which snapped after a short period of usage, or ii) loose cable connection at the terminal block or at the heater switch which cause overheating and burn at the connection. See A7 of  “FAQ on BENNINGTON Instant Electric Multipoint Water Heater (Models: C600 & Z620M)”  and item 4 of  “BENNINGTON Multipoint HDB Installation Guide” Page 1 for more information.

Please call us at +65-65523033 for further assistance if the above trouble shootings do not solve your problem.

Kindly note that there will be a transport and labour charge of $25 and $15 respectively per house visit if the fault is determined to be caused by external factors such as those mentioned above even within the warranty period. For those who engage their own installers, we would advice that they ensure the installers adhere to the proper installation instructions mentioned in our Installation Manual and “BENNINGTON Multipoint HDB Installation Guide” Page 1 & 2.