Zanzar Z620M Multipoint IEWH


Zanzar Z620M

Elevate your bathroom with the sporty “Z” series Z620M. This heater shares the same copper tank assembly as C600, with a sleek design loved by young families. Modern design meets user-friendly operation – perfect for today’s bathroom.

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The Z620M model from BENNINGTON encompasses all the essential functions expected from a multipoint shower heater. This series stands out for its seamless integration of both aesthetics and functionality, offering users a continuous supply of hot water at their desired temperature throughout the day.

One of the key advantages of the Z620M is its compact and versatile nature. It excels in combining both form and function, surpassing the capabilities of other models in the market. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for projects where a concealed installation is desired, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the surrounding space.

Overall, the Z620M model offers a comprehensive solution for multipoint shower heating needs. It excels in delivering a harmonious blend of visual appeal and reliable functionality, making it a popular choice among customers.



Typical HDB BTO’s flat installation

Under basin installation

Another HDB BTO’s flat installation

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