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BENNINGTON revolutionized multi-outlet hot water supply with our Multipoint IEWH C600 in 2003, dispelling the myth that only storage water heaters can provide central hot water and meeting the growing demand with Multipoint IEWHs, especially for HDB BTO flats and beyond. Since 2018, BENNINGTON promotes only Multipoint IEWHs in Singapore and we have left single-point heaters behind. Join us in embracing the future with Multipoint IEWHs.

Innovative Solutions – BENNINGTON’s Multipoint Instant Electric Water Heaters (IEWHs) represent an innovative solution that combines the features and benefits of both Single Point IEWH and Central Storage Water Heater. This development is in response to the evolving demands of the new millennium, where there is a need for central water heaters with higher flow rates while still being energy-efficient.

Conventional Single Point IEWHs are commonly found in HDB flats and are designed to heat water at one specific point of use for shower only. They are compact and energy-saving but may have limitations in terms of flow rate, water temperature and multi-outlet connection.

On the other hand, Central Storage Water Heaters are typically used in private dwellings and commercial buildings. These systems provide a centralized heating solution, allowing for higher flow rates and multiple outlets connection. However, they can be energy-consuming due to the need to constantly maintain a large volume of heated water.

Multipoint IEWHs from BENNINGTON aims to bridge this gap by providing a centralized water heating system that offers higher flow rates while being energy-efficient. These systems are designed to deliver hot water to multiple points, catering to the evolving lifestyle and design of modern buildings.

Perfect for HDB BTO Flat – Showering experience in HDB BTO (Build-To-Order) flats has significantly evolved compared to the older HDB flats. HDB has made notable improvements in BTO flats by incorporating concealed central hot water piping and mixer faucets. Additionally, the power supply has been upgraded, aligning it with the infrastructure found in private apartments. These upgrades have enhanced the possibilities for water heating solutions in BTO flats.


BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH is well-suited for BTO flats due to its compact design, which allows for easy installation in the bathroom area, close to the hot water piping terminal. This setup enables the water heater to supply hot water to the mixer faucets in both bathrooms of the flat.

One of the significant advantages of BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH in this context is its ability to save both power and water. By being positioned in close proximity to the hot water piping terminal, it minimizes heat loss and reduces the amount of water and energy required to reach the desired temperature. This efficient design aligns with the goals of sustainability and resource conservation.

Overall, BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH offers an ideal solution for BTO flats, taking advantage of the improved infrastructure and providing a compact, power-saving, and water-saving water heating option.

Perfect for Electric Storage Water Heater’s Replacement –  Challenges and costs associated with replacing a faulty concealed storage water heater within a false ceiling typically involve cutting the false ceiling to remove and install the water heater, which can be both time-consuming and expensive. Additionally, repainting the patched-up area of the false ceiling can result in a visible difference between the new and existing paintwork.


In contrast, BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH offers a more convenient and cost-effective solution. Due to its compact size, the Multipoint IEWH can be installed neatly without removal of the storage water heater and the need for cutting and repainting the false ceiling. This not only saves time and effort but also reduces the overall costs associated with the replacement.

Therefore, BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH provides a practical alternative that addresses the challenges posed by concealed storage water heaters in false ceilings, offering a more convenient, hassle-free and energy saving solution for homeowners.

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