Multipoint IEWH – Installation


Proper installation of BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWHs is essential. Follow detailed instructions in the manual and schematic diagram provided. Always use qualified plumbers and electricians for installation to avoid complications. Key installation points can be found below.

These guidelines apply to all BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH 4.5kW 230V 50Hz installations.

  1. Use the correct 2.5mm² single core copper cable or equivalent (such as 110/0076” 3-in-1 cable) for incoming cable. Avoid undersized (such as 70/0076” 3-in-1 cable) cable to prevent hazards.

2. For the BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWH, use a 20A MCB and isolation switch as it is rated at 4.5kW 230V. Ensure your electrical setup meets these requirements to prevent issues, especially in older flats, private properties and under basin installations. Do not use 3 pin plug.

3. In new installations, flush the water heater inlet piping to remove debris and particles, especially in HDB BTO flats. Run cold water in the bathroom “U” pipe for 20 seconds before cutting it.

4. Install a mandatory stop valve at the water heater inlet or along the inlet piping to comply with building by-laws. It’s essential for isolating the water supply to the heater while maintaining supply to other household taps during maintenance or breakdowns.

Installation - PRV B (2)
Installation - PRV B (3)

5. For Multipoint IEWHs, the Pressure Relieve Valve PRV is solely for pressure relief. It can be installed at the inlet or outlet, unlike storage water heaters where it's inlet-specific because it also acts as a check-valve. C600 and Z620M models come with the PRV at the outlet, while the S630M model recommends inlet installation.

Installation - PRV 1
Installation - PRV 2
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