S630M Operation


  • 1) Operating BENNINGTON Multipoint IEWHs is straightforward when considering these 3 key factors: incoming water temperature, power setting, and flow rate. 
  • i)   In tropical climates like Singapore, incoming water temperature is more consistent, making outflow temperature more predictable compared to regions with more seasonal climates. 
  • iI) Power selection on the Multipoint IEWHs lets you control heating intensity. Higher settings heat water for hotter output, while lower  settings provide lower temperature.
  • iii) Flow rate through the Multipoint IEWHs impacts outflow temperature. Higher flow rates may lead to lower temperatures, while slower flow rates can result in higher temperatures.

 Understanding these factors enables users to control and predict water temperature from their Multipoint IEWHs, adapting it to their         specific house environment.

  • 2) Maintain a minimum water pressure of 1.0bar for your Multipoint IEWH to ensure reliable operation and consistent hot water flow. Low pressure can lead to temperature fluctuations or prevent the unit from turning on.
  • 3) Power setting on Multipoint IEWHs is typically preset at High or Mid during installation, depending on factors like flow rate and faucet type. In certain cases, lower settings are ideal for optimal heating performance, especially in residences with low water flow rates. Singapore typically uses High or Mid settings. Take note that the power selector must be pointed directly at the indicated power setting on the Multipoint IEWHs and not anywhere in between as shown below.

Multipoint IEWHs are energy efficient, consuming power only when actively heating water and negligible power in standby mode.

S630M Multipoint IEWH indicators:

  • 4) Multipoint IEWHs provide instant hot water without the need for preheating. When using a mixer faucet, start with the lever at the hot end for the initial hot water within 15 to 45- seconds (time depends on faucet distance). Adjust the temperature gradually by adding cold water without crossing the faucet’s handle crossing the middle line (6 o’clock position), unlike storage water heaters that typically start at the middle and adjust towards the cold side.

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