Installation and Operation Cost of AWS-800


By now, you have no doubt about the benefits of alkaline water to our body. Besides producing alkaline water, our AWS-800 has strong negative ORP to get rid of free radicals and has added minerals to replace the depleting minerals in our body as we age. With today’s technology, producing domestic alkaline water is much easier then 10 years ago. But why do most existing systems in the market still cost a few thousands dollars? The main reason is that many established brands sell through MLM (Multi-levels Marketing). In MLM, as much as two-thirds of the purchase price goes to the various levels of marketers as commission. Bennington Technologies Pte Ltd is not a MLM company. We sell through conventional channels as well as via customers’ referrals. like our existing products such as electric water heaters. Our sales agents do not visit you for demonstration and there is no hard selling. You are welcome to visit us at our factory for demonstration if you desire to.

At BENNINGTON, we always adopt the best system to further enhance the value of the product at no extra costs and minimize the initial operating outlays for consumers. Our alkaline water systems meet the stringent international drinking water standards and are certified by TÜV SÜD PSB in Singapore.

BENNINGTON AWS-800’s performance and operational cost savings far exceed other brands. The table shown below depicts the life cycle of the various filters and the average operational cost for a family of four.

S/N Filter No Life Cycle Unit Cost (Sing $) Average filter cost per year
1 Filter 1 – Ceramic Filter 12 mths or 7000L S$38 S$38
2 Filter 2 – Activated Carbon Block  + GAC 12 mths or 7000L S$68 S$68
3 Filter 3 – Activated Carbon Block + Alkaline Media 12 mths or 7000L S$88 S$88
4 Filter 4 – Alkaline Media 24 mths or 14000L S$98 S$49
5 Filter 5 – Energy Ceramic & Super Tourmaline Mineral Ceramic & KDF (USA) 30 mths or 17500L S$108 $43.20
6 Filter 6 – Activated Carbon & Antioxidant Mineral (Japan) 36 mths or 21000L S$118 S$39.34
    Total Filter Cost / yr S$325.54
    Avg Filter Cost / day S$0.89

For good healthy drinking water, the average daily cost of BENNINGTON AWS-800 for a family of four is only S$0.90. That is cheaper than a can of soft drink.



BENNINGTON AWS-800 installation is made simple as it does not require electric power supply and there is no discharge of by-product acidic water. It is best installed next to the kitchen sink or concealed under the kitchen sink.

Drinking healthy alkaline water should be trouble free and easily accessible. Unlike ionizer alkaline system, there is no confusing push buttons to select. Push buttons are especially cumbersome for older folks with poorer eyesight and children.

AWS-800 does not require power supply, thus it can be easily placed close to the faucet where it is connected. In Asians’ kitchens, power points are not always available near the kitchen basin for safety reasons.

Various installation methods are shown below:

1) Sink top installation with direct 2-way adaptor connected to sink faucet.


Easy installation. No power source is required


2-way adaptor fixed to faucet


Positions of lever for tap water


Positions of lever for alkaline water

2) Under basin installation with outlet connected to independent faucet.

     This popular installation saves space on sink top and gives flexibility in placement of independent faucet.

image6271  image649