Comparing IEWH to Gas Water Heater

  • Save water because there is no need to discharge cold water in the pipe as the heater is installed in the shower area and not some distance away;
  • If Gas Heater is installed in the bathroom, ventilation is needed;
  • Performance of Gas Heater is affected by wind, especially if installed at the utility yards on higher floors. Heating efficiency varies from 60% to 83% while instant electric water heater’s efficiency is 95% and above;
  • No risk of gas poisoning and gas odour;
  • Getting the right shower temperature from gas heater is difficult, especially if the heater is installed outside the bathroom;
  • Easy and cheaper to install and replace;
  • Electricity in certain countries are cheaper than gas, making it a better choice;
  • Its compact and elegant design is a perfect ornament in your bathroom.