Multi-point Instantaneous Electric Water Heaters

Most of the IEWH available in the market are the Single Point type whereby although they are good for showering, they cannot supply hot water to more than one outlet, like shower and wash basin as well as to be used with mixer faucet, which traditionally work well with bulky energy consuming electric storage water heaters or gas water heaters only.[expand title=”Read more”]

With the introduction of eco-friendly Multi-point IEWH, more consumers are making the switch and Bennington is the pioneer developer of Multi-point IEWH in Singapore and remains one of the market leaders in this region. Our Multi-point models used German Technology modified to suit localized climate and together with Singapore made quality have effectively replaced the storage and gas water heaters as the preferred alternative and at the same time, they provide many advantages over storage water heater. (For more detail of BENNINGTON’s Multipoint’s advantages, click the comparison buttons on the side bar)

The third generation of BENNINGTON’s Multipoint will be launched in the 3rd quarter of 2018. Look out for these latest models that build on our proven patented MMTA assembly using high grade glass filled industrial engineering polymer material. More information will be announced in due time.[/expand]
Check out the different Multipoint Models below:

Classic “C” Series Multipoint

For specifications and features of Classic Series Multipoint models Click here




C600D (Not available in Singapore)


C600M (Not available in Singapore)

Zanzar “Z” Series Multipoint

For specifications and features of Zanzar Series Multipoint Models Click here


Z620 (Sold under Z620M in Singapore)


Z620M (Not available in Singapore)


Z620MD (Not available in Singapore)

Sensation “S” Series Multipoint

For specifications and features of Sensation Series Multipoint Models Click here
Please note for specifications of 2018 S630M for Singapore market, please refer to this link 2018 BENNINGTON S630M Multipoint


S630M (Not available in Singapore)


S630MD (Not available in Singapore)